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The digital landscape is in perpetual flux, and Google’s recent announcement of Perspectives at Google I/O only underscores that. Their newest offering, Google Perspectives, is recalibrating the SEO and Social Media Marketing narrative. Margot Dukes Eddy, from her rich tapestry of forging authentic narratives, and me, Scott Walldren, overseeing SEO strategies at Acadia, delve deep into what this means for businesses, big and small.

What is Google Perspectives?

According to Lauren Clark, Product Manager at Google Search, the internet is vast, and navigating this sea of information has its challenges. Google's response is the launch of Perspectives, a feature that taps into the authentic experiences and voices of individuals. No longer does content dominion belong exclusively to giants. Instead, narratives from everyday individuals — their insights, tales, and learnings — are the stars now.

The 'Why' Behind Google Perspectives

The surge in web content means users often face an overload. Google Perspectives, powered by generative AI, aims to organize this information, emphasizing user experiences and diverse voices. It's a democratizing shift, moving from sheer data to more humanized, relatable content.

Who Stands to Gain from Google Perspectives?

In a word? Everyone. But most practically,

  • Users: A curated, personalized experience awaits them, showcasing content that aligns with their queries, diving deep into human experiences.
  • SEO and Social Media Marketing Professionals: With this integration, content must not only be optimized for algorithms but should resonate with real people, telling authentic stories and sharing genuine experiences.
  • Content Creators: A golden opportunity to highlight their unique, first-hand stories and insights. Google is seeking these authentic narratives, a shift from merely "clickable" content to genuinely "helpful" content.

Where and When to Implement Google Perspectives

Google's new update emphasizes content with personal or expert viewpoints. This underscores the need for genuine narratives, whether in comments on forums, lesser-known blogs, videos on YouTube, social media, or in-depth articles. The aim is authenticity and expertise, a move from mere visibility to genuine value addition.

Use Cases


Budding Chef's Recipe Exploration

Scenario: A novice chef is seeking feedback on a new recipe. Traditional SEO might point them towards renowned culinary sites or celebrity chef pages.

With Perspectives: They could stumble upon a forum where an amateur cook, who tried the same recipe, shares a personal tweak. Or they might find a niche blogger’s detailed review of the dish, describing the modifications they made and the reactions of their family. This not only gives the novice chef a range of insights but also connects them with real, relatable experiences.

Selecting a Service Provider

Scenario: A company is looking for an SEO agency in Atlanta. Classic search results might prioritize well-optimized agency sites or paid advertisements.

With Perspectives: Potential clients might encounter reviews from other businesses detailing their experiences with certain agencies. They could see a video where a local business owner shares their success story post engaging with an agency, or even find comments on forums about the work ethics of certain firms.

Gauging Workplace Vibes

Scenario: A fresh graduate is contemplating joining a digital agency and wants to know about the work culture.

With Perspectives: Instead of just landing on the 'Careers' page of the agency or general review sites, they might come across personal blog posts of current or former employees, sharing a day in their life or their journey in the agency. They could also find candid videos or social media posts about team outings, challenges, and celebrations, giving them an unfiltered view of the agency's culture.

Learning a New Skill

Scenario: An individual wants to learn Python and is looking for resources.

With Perspectives: Beyond the recommended courses or popular tutorial sites, they could find personal blogs of individuals narrating their Python learning journey, challenges they faced, and resources they found most helpful. They might also discover forum discussions where learners share codes, troubleshoot together, or give advice on mastering complex concepts.


This new frontier shaped by Google's "Perspectives" moves beyond conventional algorithm-driven results. It prioritizes the human experience and connects users with authentic and diverse voices, making search not just about finding answers, but about connecting with stories, insights, and experiences. It's a powerful reminder for content creators to emphasize genuine expertise and value-driven content in their SEO strategy.

Ready to Act?

Embarking on this Google Perspectives journey? Prioritize authenticity. And if guidance is what you seek, Margot and I at Acadia are primed to illuminate your path.

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