Amazon Briefing: How Amazon Is Changing the Narrative Around Its Advertising Ecosystem

Ross Walker, Senior Paid Media Manager at Acadia, was featured in a recent article from Modern Retail.

Ross highlighted Amazon's emphasis on video ad products and its evolving description, such as changing "OTT" to "streaming TV." According to Ross, the addition of Sponsored TV ads without a minimum spend requirement aims to democratize access, removing barriers for smaller brands. He sees this as a strategic move by Amazon to prove the value of streaming ads, leveraging its shopper data and targeting capabilities to attract advertisers and enhance conversions. Walker emphasizes Amazon's unique combination of reach and closed-loop measurement as a game changer in the evolving landscape of retail media.

Ross Walker mentioned, "They turned 'OTT' into 'streaming TV' to capitalize on how people talk about streaming more colloquially. It really democratizes it so there is no barrier to entry."

Read the full article: "Amazon Briefing: How Amazon is changing the narrative around its advertising ecosystem" in Modern Retailpublished on November 2, 2023.

Ross Walker