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Acadia Acquires CRO Agency

Move allows Acadia to guarantee clients increases in website sales. We are proud to share that Acadia, has acquired, a leader in conversion rate optimization (CRO). helps clients get more productivity out of their website by increasing conversion rate and generating more sign-ups,…

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PPC 2022 in review

Why 2023 will be the year of diversified ad spending In 2022, cracks started to appear in Facebook’s and Google’s online advertising duopoly. Over the past 12 months, both platforms have become less detailed in their ad-reporting metrics, thanks to the end of third-party cookies…

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3 Business Questions You Can Answer with Amazon Marketing Cloud

For years, we have heard from brand owners who want more detailed information about how their ads are performing on Amazon. On their DTC sites, they are used to generating highly specific insights on paths to purchase, conversion rates, and more. But on the Amazon…

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