Random Factory Brands

Random Factory Brands (RFBs) are not the familiar brands on your NPD or Dunnhumby report. They are random, factory-direct brands that aren’t sold anywhere else. And they’re coming for you.…

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In It To Win It

How Amazon is pay-to-play for brands, why that matters, and what to do to win

We launched this research in October 2022, based on the question: “How Amazon is pay-to-play for brands, why that matters, and what to do to win?”.

This 12-page research report includes a framework to understand whether your brand needs more or less advertising investment relative to peers, the “Sponsorship Lift Matrix”

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Retail Media Allocation

How to allocate retail media budget like an expert…across a dizzying array of options – A Research Report by Kiri Masters and Matteo Bizon
Our research is based on how successful retail brands are allocating their media budget, acrss a burgeoning array of retail channels and media platforms.

In May 2022, we have released:
A white paper with our research findings
2 frameworks to use to make budget allocation decisions and compare retail media platforms
A webinar that gives an overview of research findings and our recommendations

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The Amazon Maturity Matrix – 6 Factors That Drive Results On Amazon

A Research Report by Bobsled Marketing

Operating a successful Amazon sales channel is challenging. Operating requirements, new advertising tactics, customer demands, and competitive pressures all move at a breakneck speed. Sometimes it feels like achieving your Amazon targets is outside of your control.

But what if we told you that many of the success factors actually originate inside your own company? That the most critical drivers of success are often internal, and therefore within your control?

We call this the Amazon Maturity Matrix, a framework that helps brands to measure where they are on their Amazon journey, from the inside out.

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