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The social media landscape is crowded and ever-evolving and now, more than ever, your audience is referring to social before making a purchase decision. When you partner with Acadia, a premier Atlanta social media company, you gain a team of experts able to ideate and execute award-winning work in a timely fashion. Our strategists help you further identify your target market within the social space, hone your messaging to that market, and continue to build an authentic and consistent community using the right social platforms. 

Our goal is to build relationships, not profiles. We are always up to date on trending topics, and we are always pushing your brand to the next level.  The result? Brand recognition. Increased Traffic. Spikes in web sales. A loyal audience.


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Social ROI - Metrics That Matter

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: ROI is tough to track for your organic social efforts. Lucky for you, we’ve been around for a while. At a premier Atlanta social media company like this, our social experts have managed these platforms for 10+ years. We have ridden the waves of the algorithm, we have faced every challenge, and we have celebrated every ‘viral’ opportunity that social media has presented to us. 


We can’t make a sweeping statement about ROI here because we don’t know your brand yet, but what we do know is that you need someone on your side to help you establish what your social media goals should be, then to consistently and strategically help you move the needle. We partner with each new client to establish which platforms to focus on, then set annual, quarterly, and monthly goals, and are always incorporating new tactics as the landscape changes. To see our work in action, check out some case studies that we’re really proud of.

Atlanta Social Media Company Case Studies

Why Invest in an Atlanta Social Media Company?

The days of offloading your social media pages to the intern are behind us, and simply posting just won’t cut it. Don’t believe us? According to our friends at Sprout Social: “The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever at 95 minutes per day. As of January, there are 3.96 billion total social media users. The average person bounces between 7 different social networks per month. TikTok is the fastest-growing social network with a staggering 105% growth rate.”

You’re probably thinking: “Ok Acadia, that’s great, but what does this mean for me?” It means a lot for you, but in short, let’s focus on two things: 

  1. Social media is as relevant as it has ever been before. It’s where the majority of the population chooses to spend its time. To have an impact, brands must meet their audience in an authentic way in the arena where they choose to be. 
  2. Other brands know this, and they’re investing significant marketing dollars into social. What we do is identify the where, the how, and the what – we’ll tell you where to be, we’ll map out a plan on how to talk to your customers to create the most meaningful experience, and we’ll curate content to serve them.
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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

At Acadia, You Have a Direct Account Manager


We promised you a team of social partners, and here’s another promise: you’ll have ONE account manager that keeps all of the wheels turning on your behalf. Our organic social team is composed of the top most talented content creators, community managers, photographers, graphic designers, and social strategists out there. That said, we know the pain of ‘who do I CC’ and won’t let you get bogged down with project managing a team that you hired to help you knock social media out of the park (and make your life infinitely easier). 

From the very beginning, your account manager will lead you through partnering with Acadia. They will be the point person for content approvals, quarterly KPI check-ins, photo and video shoot logistics, trending topics, big ideas, and our leading thoughts on the social landscape at large. We’ve created and perfected a structure that allows for you to be confident that the work is getting done and your expectations are always being exceeded. It is processes like this that truly set Acadia apart from the crowd as an elite Atlanta social media company.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Atlanta Social Media Company?

1. Platform for Storytelling

Social media gives us a unique opportunity to build upon our brand story and really connect with our audiences in a personalized, authentic way. As a business, our best performing content was never our case studies, but rather, a quick and easy ‘Draw My Life’ video that talked about our two founders and how the company came to be. People aren’t looking to be sold to on social media, and now more than ever, customers are hoping to connect with a brand on a deeper level before making a purchase decision. Social media allows your brand to stand out in the crowd by telling your unique stories, and Acadia aims to shine the spotlight on these important pieces of content. 

2. Reach Targeted Audiences

Social media not only gives your business the opportunity to reach a large audience (remember, adults are spending a whopping 95 minutes per day on social!), but it also opens the door to target audiences both organically and by utilizing a social media advertising budget. The platforms allow your business to further understand the complementary brands that your audience is aligning themselves with, and opens up the opportunity to reach look-a-like audiences with similar behaviors. The audience possibilities are endless, and we have an inkling that you’re only scratching the surface with your current social media strategy.

3. Manage Your Community

Did we mention the direct connection to your customers and fans? Social media allows you the opportunity to keep up with reviews, comments, likes/dislikes, and more. It’s likely that your competitors are missing the boat on community management, as most businesses do. Being able to use social media to manage the community that is engaging with your brand day in and day out is invaluable, and personalizing these messages with an added touch goes a long way when it comes to brand loyalty.

4. Learn from Your Community

If you’ve perfected managing your community through social media, we implore you to use it as a learning and growth tool next. Social media offers up several in-app tools that allow businesses to poll their audience. Whether it’s what content to serve, which product to launch, or how your services are stacking up to your competitors, social media allows you to go beyond connection and gain real marketing data to grow your brand presence.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Social Growth?

How Acadia Can Accelerate Your Social Growth

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Custom, Stand-Out Content Creation

We’ve established that social media is crowded and ever-changing, so when you are able to get in front of the right audience, it is important to seize the opportunity and present engaging, memorable, evergreen content to them. Our team of content creators specializes in speaking 280 characters, creating content from trending moments, and using their graphic, photography, and video skills to stop the scroll. Social media is about entertainment, after all, and we aim for your brand posts to yield high engagement every time.

Campaign Ideation and Execution

You’ve been there – those BIG moments for your business that are important to get out on social, but oftentimes you miss the boat planning. Or maybe the planning and implementation of the campaign is a bigger undertaking than anticipated. At Acadia, a top Atlanta social media company, we work off of an annual marketing calendar and recommend campaigns around all of your biggest moments. Better yet? Once we’ve mutually landed on a direction, let us take it from there! Acadia’s campaign ideation and execution is led by the best of the best, our head of social strategy, who has a track record of quippy ideas and seamless execution.


Highly Engaged Community Management

Your customers are reaching out. Are you listening and responding? When you partner with Acadia, you get a team of community managers who not only respond to comments in a timely manner, but also build out a community management strategy complete with best practices, copy suggestions, and proactive engagement with your audience. We’re social listening gurus with a knack for communicating, and your raving fans are in good hands with us.

Influencer Management

Also known as modern-day word of mouth marketing, influencer management is imperative to your success on social media. The rise of influencer marketing is not showing any signs of slowing down. Our team holds the tools to effectively and efficiently create campaign briefs, find the right influencers to partner with at the right price, execute content creation and sharing, and produce real results by presenting reports tied to growth in engagement and revenue tied to each campaign.


Atlanta Social Media Company FAQs

We do - each partnership varies depending on the goals of the relationship and the external budget for influencers. We’d love to learn more about your marketing goals to see how we can help.

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