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Paid Search

Paid search uniquely positions brands in front of the prospect at the point of need. Whether researching a product or navigating to make a purchase, the search box is a customer’s most precise need. Brands can raise a hand and offer to fill that demand through Paid Search. With more intelligent bidding technologies, Acadia’s philosophy isn’t just to sling bids in search but to utilize innovative data-informed automation to help customers win.

Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a highly advantageous form of paid advertising that is often the cornerstone of a company’s growth strategy. Scale is paramount here, and many companies struggle to find a partner who can consistently scale with them. Many options exist within the Google ecosystem, including search, display, in-market, and affinity, as well as product listing ads (PLAs). Google is constantly evolving its digital platform, which underscores the need for a growth-oriented partner.

At Acadia, we are your expert partner who split-tests new features, understands the evolving ad landscape, and provides the constant attention needed to ensure your paid strategy remains on target. Qualified experience is the difference between cost and profit when it comes to reaching your business goals. Our paid search team members are certified in search ads, display ads, mobile ads, Google Shopping, and video ad formats. As a Google Preferred Partner, our PPC team maintains ongoing education to maintain Google certifications—keeping you in front of pilot ad programs and new features within the Google ad platform.

Bing Ads Management

Why limit your online ad presence? Bing and Yahoo receive almost 400 million searches a day combined. With ads occupying nearly 60% of crucial real estate on the first page of search results for Bing and Yahoo, Bing Ads is exceptionally advantageous. While Bing SEO implementation differs from Google, we believe in leveraging all profitable ROI options. Plus, we have the track record to prove its success.

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