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How to Get Off of Retail Media Island


Event Description

An understanding of how siloing budgets, particularly retail media, is holding brands back from reaching new levels of growth. We cannot continue to treat retail media like it’s something new, it’s not new it’s now.

BWG Connect & Acadia.io invite you to join us for an interactive discussion over drinks and dinner with your peers! We'll explore the latest trends in the space and get your questions answered.

As always, there will be no sales pitches and dinner is complimentary.

Seating is limited, and RSVP is required.

Discussion Topics

  • If almost 25% of all digital spending will be “retail media by 25’, and the market will be $160MM.How can it be responsible for it to be on an island is what you have to ask yourself?
  • There are 3 Key forces that are leading to retail island:
    •  Major Organizational Design Flaws
    • Budgets are in SILOS (Retail Media, Performance Media, Brand Media)
    • Budgets are too often held only to a ROAS profile and being focused on demand only
  • We need to get rid of siloed Retail, Brand and Performance to ONE “Total Marketing Budget”