Photo and Video Production: Illustrating Your Brand For All To See

Content is more than just words on a page.  At Acadia, our team of photo and video production professionals highlights your brand on the screen, capturing consumers’ attention and converting them to customers.

Professional Production Development

From storyboard to final production, our talented production crew works hand-in-hand with you to conceptualize, plan, and execute world-class photo and video content optimized for performance online at a cost customized to your budget. Our photo and video production work often expands outside of social media to support any usage, such as eCommerce, paid advertising, and out-of-home activations. 

Detailed shoot planning and collaborative ideation on copy leads to creative assets that a brand can be proud to share in many channels

Detailed shoot planning and collaborative ideation on copy leads to creative assets that a brand can be proud to share in many channels

Coordination Across Marketing Disciplines

Acadia’s quest as a full-service provider does not just mean we can execute. Our photo and video production team gathers key insights from our CRO, retail media, paid media, programmatic, and social media practictioners to recreate highly impactful content for any use. Ongoing collaboration for marketing video services allows us to make data-driven decisions in the otherwise subjective creative world. 

Ways We Leverage Internal Collaboration

1. Social-First Content

Social media is not only a way for brands to showcase their product or service, it is an extension of their personality. A place where their tribe meets. Social media users retain 95% of a message watched on video compared to 10% they read in text.

Working with our award-winning social media team, our photo and video production professionals leverage the medium to make sure your brand is filtered through the social media noise. We take the time to understand the unique voice and community of each of our brands. Then, we take those insights and transform them into one-of-a-kind photo and video content that fits right at home on any platform.

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2. Paid Media/Performance Creative Content

Creative work can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. Lucky for us, our paid media practitioners are data wizards who can supply us with reliable insights around asset performance and optimization. When executing a paid media campaign, we make informed creative decisions from day one that can be tested to improve future ideation and production of platform specific photo and video content. We leverage captivating photo and video services that beg to be clicked. 

3. Retail Media & Marketplaces Content

For products that are sold on retail marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, creative assets are the “modern-day salesman.” They are the first (and often last) thing your customers see before making a purchase. Our in-house retail team pulls from their high-converting best practices to create impactful photo and video content that supercharge product pages. Advances in Retail Media capabilities also create opportunities for highly engaging ad creative, including OTT video and video PPC ads.   

Our nimble photo and video production team is constantly working to improve processes and evaluate trends so you can rest easy knowing that your content will embrace the cutting-edge of best practices for social media, paid media, and beyond. 


Photo and Video Services: Proven Successful 

From Social To The Street: Brown & Co. Jewelers

Brown & Co. Jewelers entrusted Acadia’s photo and video production team to create captivating creative for a social media campaign. Little did they know, the final product would be so bold and eye-catching that it would turn into a stunning out-of-home display for the Atlanta-based jewelry company.


Delicious Performance: Maggiano’s Little Italy

As part of a hyper-local marketing strategy, Maggiano’s required new visual assets to support new advertising campaigns executed by Acadia’s Paid Media team. This collaborative project exemplifies our ability to pull insight from ad performance data and creative bespoke photos perfect for testing. 


Capturing Pet-Lovers Hearts: Red Roof Inn National Pet Month Campaign

#PetsStayFree is usually the mantra of Red Roof Inn, known for its pet-friendly policies. During National Pet Month, Acadia’s photo and video production team partnered with the social media strategy team to create a hilariously creative campaign for the month of May to let #PeopleStayFree.

Our Process: Making It Easier For You And Your Brand

Acadia’s photo and video production professionals leave no stone unturned. We don’t take the easy way out. We make sure we understand your vision and goals from the start and utilize our years of proven success to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s no problem for us. Our video and production services include access to the creativity, skill, talent, and experience of our full-service agency. 

We start with a high-level concept in the pre-planning phase. With your approval, we move forward in the planning process to establish a creative brief, cost estimate, and shot list. In pre-production, we make sure our plans fit your budget, and we take it from there.

We hire the models, secure the location and wardrobes, and finalize the shot list. Shoot day is one of the best (and most fun) days in video production. This is where we put all that planning into motion and capture the still and video images for your project.

Post-production is where we can get really creative with the technology at our fingertips. From overlays to transitions and everything in between, our editing team takes all of the raw footage from shoot day and weaves it into a beautifully crafted piece of art.

And here’s the best part, you’re as involved as you want to be every step of the way.