Walmart Marketplace Partner Network Announcement

This week, Bobsled was officially added to Walmart’s agency partner network.

There are only 10 solution providers in this program, and we are proud to be part of it. 

We started supporting retail brands on the Walmart marketplace in 2018, and have been excited to be part of the journey over the years. 

In that time, Walmart has launched a very compelling fulfillment services capability, Walmart Fulfilment Services, allowing many more brands to participate in the marketplace and provide expedited, trusted shipping options to Walmart customers. 


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Walmart advertising has also become an important retail media channel for brands. With 150 million customers visiting Walmart’s stores, website, and app every week, Walmart’s advertising program, Walmart Connect, can help brands to reach more shoppers at various stages of their buying journey. Bobsled uses Pacvue, the industry-leading ad-tech tool, to initiate, manage, and report on Walmart Connect ad performance.


Why we’re excited about Walmart

  • Provides brands an incremental ROAS opportunity if they have already saturated other marketplace advertising solutions (i.e. Amazon)
  • Walmart’s click-and-collect and online grocery pickup options make it an attractive sales channel for lower-priced items
  • Walmart is investing significantly in its advertising program, Walmart Connect. And brands are taking notice! Walmart Connect sales have increased almost 240% on a two-year stack. 


Learn more about:

In the coming months, we will be adding to our library of content and best practices about the Walmart marketplace and Walmart Connect.


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