2024 Social Media Guide: Thrive with Acadia’s Expert Insights

As a brand, if you’re still just posting on social media for the sake of doing it - stop! Seriously right now stop, you’re only hurting yourself. Brands haven’t been able to get by with the bare minimum for some time, so if you’re doing more you need to make sure you’re doing it right. 

2023 was another year of new trends, platforms, and expectations from followers. So what about 2024? We asked our Acadia social media experts about what they think will be the most important trends and insights brands should know when planning their social media strategy for 2024. 

If you want to stay relevant and impactful you need to heed this advice. 

Be truly real, not just #real

#1 Not everything needs to be studio perfect

You don’t need everything to look perfect, perfection looks inauthentic. 

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What does this mean for brands?

Focus less on perfection and more on value and connection. What value does this post bring into a consumer’s life? Is it educational? Fun? Inspiring? Does this show them who we are as a brand or what our products can do for them in their day-to-day lives? If you can authentically connect with your consumer, you’ll build better brand trust that can pay off over time.

#2 What’s Our Sound

Have you ever watched a dramatic movie scene with no sound? Did you jump out of your seat during a horror movie with no mood music to build the tension on the jump scare? There is a reason why music and sound play such an important part of connecting you with what you’re watching. 


What does this mean for brands?

Start investing in sound to stand out. It’s time to have discussions about what types of music, voices or sound effects represent your brand. And in the same way that you might consider collaborations with artists, designers, or influencers – consider collaborating with musical artists on custom ownable tracks.

#3 It’s OK to AI, Just Don’t Lie

Use of AI in content creation is only ramping up and getting harder and harder to spot. We’ve heard the term, “That’s been photoshopped.” How do we address content that looks real, but isn’t completely AI generated?


What does this mean for brands?

Honesty and authenticity are still key for brands. AI can be a wonderful tool for sparking imagination or supplementing your content, but as consumers grow increasingly distrustful of the images they’re seeing online, it’s important to make sure you’re showing them true, real representations of your products.

“Hello, are you there? I can’t Find you"

  1. Cross-Generational Appeal

How consumers research a brand is ever-changing. How do you connect with generations of people who value and desire different things from the same brand. 

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What does this mean for brands?

Social media is not only just a network but a  landing page. It may be where younger consumers are going to understand who you are as a brand and how you interact with your consumers before they even bother to check out your website. So make your first impression count.

Tik Tok Algorithm

It was the fastest growing social media platform of 2023 and looks to retain that spot in 2024. Tik Tok isn’t the only platform with a “discovery feed” but its algorithm may be the best out there, and brands need to know how to use it to its full potential.

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What this mean for brands?

Don’t be afraid to go niche. The Tiktok algorithm uses the keywords from your captions and text on screen to help sort content to the right people. Something like “10 shoes you’ll love” doesn’t give the algorithm much to work with, whereas “10 shoes hikes should take on every adventure” will help find the right audience for you. The nicher, the better. You can and should tailor, make the right content for specific parts of your audience.

Mastering Voice, Validation, and 1:1 Connection on Social Media

  1. Is this the face people want to see

The days of Ronald McDonald as the face of Mcdonalds is over and for many brands deciding what or who should represent them is a challenge without a simple answer. 


What does this mean for brands?

No longer do faceless hands holding up a makeup palette sell a product on social media. Consumers are increasingly looking for someone to connect with. How you connect is up to you. Strong creator and influencer programs (with LONGTERM connections - so you’re not just hosting a revolving door of strangers!) might be one solution. Casting internal employees or recurring actors might be other routes to explore in the climb to build word of mouth influence with savvy social media users.

  1. Is this newsworthy? Seriously your followers desire to know

Brands can no longer sit back and let the news of the world pass them by. Followers are looking to see what opinions brands have on current trends. Those opinions can be make or break for some followers. 


What does this mean for brands?

If you don’t have a community management strategy in place, you’re behind the curve. You need someone who can monitor conversations, trends, and feedback in real time who understands your brand and its values and can help to hop into relevant conversations and foster dialogue with your consumers in real time.

Social is the new QVC of Gen Z

Tik Tok Shop Until You Drop

Brands taking advantage of in-platform shopping are meeting buyers in the perfect spot of showing off their products in an authentic way and not making buyers open another app. 


What does this mean for brands?

Brands not taking advantage of in-platform shopping are losing out on valuable customer opportunities. Get those shops set up and take advantage of the growing landscape of in-platform retail opportunities.

Amazon vs Tik Tok: Who is going to get to the top of the video & ecommerce mountain

Amazon is trying to do videos like Tik Tok and Tik Tok is trying to be a shopping platform like Amazon. The real question is do we want these platforms to do both, and who can do both better?


What does this mean for brands?

Vertical video content can serve you across multiple platforms now: no longer is it just TikTok. It’s Reels, YouTube Shorts, Amazon, and probably more to come. Brands can and should continue to lead with creator and influencer video content – and get the rights to use it all cross-platform!


As we step into 2024, the path forward for brands lies in adaptability, engagement, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity — the guiding principles for brands to thrive in the dynamic landscape of social media. Brands that embrace these principles will not only survive but thrive in a dynamic digital landscape. So, in the words of Acadia's social media experts: adapt, engage, and make your mark on the evolving canvas of social media.

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