AdAge Names Acadia a Small Agency of the Year

Today we are proud to share that AdAge named Acadia a Small Agency of the Year in it's prestigious award ceremony held last night.

When founding Acadia, my co-founder Sean Belnick and I had a belief that there was a need for an agency that would focus on the mid-market, focus on growth marketing services that were scarce, focus on core-values, focus on the long-term, and focus on community. It was different to what we saw in the market at the time, but we knew it was a task worth undertaking.

We were lucky to have met some incredible founders and leaders in the form of Jack, Chad, Shantel, Margot, Natasha, Kiri, Julie, Seth and Sally.  Together, with some hard work and good fortune, we are now joined by so many other hard-working and passionate folks at Acadia working with passion to grow careers, community and our client’s businesses in a way that is core-values focussed.

While we are not perfect by any means, we are headed in the right direction.  We are hiring for “who”, and looking for unique talent that deserves to be nurtured.  We are making it easy for people to switch tracks/careers within Acadia and grow their personal skill sets.  We are investing in unique benefits and core-value focussed perks like education stipends, or donating $2,500 to the charity of choice every time an employee makes a successful candidate referral (versus the standard of just giving a small gift card). We are focussed on teaching the next generation of leaders via our Acadia Academy.  We have created a truly global company where employees have joined from as far as Serbia, Italy, Bosnia, Macedonia and Romania and given same universal perks and benefits. We are advancing our services in Retail Marketplaces (Amazon, Instacart, Walmart and Target), Acquisition Media, SEO, Social, Shopify Development, Digital Design, Retention Marketing, and Analytics and Customer Segmentation, all which reside under one roof and one culture.

It's humbling to consider that we celebrated Acadia’s one-year anniversary merely weeks ago.  For anything great to happen in a relatively short period of time, you always need help along with some good karma.  We have had so many people in our corner from day 1.  Too many friends, co-workers, alumni, clients, press members, mentors and community members to count have been in our corner helping Acadia become something really meaningful.  We appreciate it all and this award is for you all.  I can’t stress enough that we are a work in progress.  We are very intent in getting feedback in the form of employee and client surveys, but if you have an idea that can make us better in any way big or small, please also feel free to email me directly at so we can get better faster.

Thank you all, it's a proud moment to be recognized by AdAge for this prestigious award…and we are just getting started.

Thank you.

Jared & Sean

Jared and Sean accepting the AdAge award on behalf of our great clients and employees
Jared and Sean accepting this award on behalf of our great clients and employees

Jared Belsky