How “Non-endemic” Brands Can Tap Into Amazon’s DSP Advertising Platform to Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

Amazon DSP advertising... it’s not just for brands who sell physical items on If you watched Thursday Night Football last year, you would have noticed all kinds of "non-endemic" brands who ran ads.

Why? Because Amazon has 2 extremely compelling attributes for brands in any industry vertical:

  1. Rich audience targeting based off 1P data that goes far beyond the basic demographics and interests from other platforms, into actual shopping behavior.  
  2. Unique ad inventory. Advertisers looking to target audiences on Thursday Night Football, Twitch, Freevee, Audible, etc - can only access these placements through Amazon. Users must be logged in to these properties, which allows for very precise user matching.  

The result is a unique way to buy media that leverages insights on consumer behavior that are unique to Amazon in a safe advertising environment. 

But what do these ads actually look like? 

I created an explainer video about Amazon DSP for non-endemic brands (those who don't sell products on Amazon) - because we know brands are missing out on a big opportunity to build awareness and consideration at scale, while being super-targeted.

Here’s the video, and below I’ll also share some screenshot examples of non-endemic ads we’ve seen “in the wild” on Amazon’s properties and third party networks.

Why is Amazon focusing on non-endemic advertisers?

Amazon’s advertising business is very lucrative, with profit margins potentially being even higher than AWS, according to tech analyst Benedict Evans.


I wrote in 2022 in an article for Forbes how Amazon heavily positioned its ads capabilities toward non-endemic brands at its annual advertising conference, Unboxed.

Examples of advertising by non-endemic brands on Amazon’s DSP

Here are 3 examples of ads running on Amazon’s DSP by non-endemic brands, with some notes from us on what targeting options these brands may be using within the DSP. 

Example 1: Customer behavior and demographic segments could inform targeting for GoDaddy

  • Based on subscriptions and behavior amazon knows what kind of business their customers are likely in 
  • GoDaddy could also be targeting lifestyle and demographic segments like: certain age range,  specific lifestyle group, certain income level

Example 2: Great inventory on Twitch for some demographic groups Apple could be using the following audience segments to get in front of their ideal customer on Twitch.

  • Males
  • Gamers - who are 57% of the US population
  • Reach Gen X,Y, Z and Alpha
  • Interested in games, toys, cars

Example 3: Hyundai as a non-endemic advertiser on Amazon

Hyundai was reported to take out a big Amazon advertising media buy for the 2023 Thursday Night football. Ad Age shared that the car maker is targeting younger workers with its most recent ad campaign - something that’s easy to accomplish with Amazon’s audience targeting abilities.  Hyundai in a statement said the Amazon deal will “ultimately double its advertising reach for the football season.”

Amazon actually has a lot of DSP targeting options for the automotive category. 

Hyundai could be targeting people: 

  • In-market for auto parts/accessories
  • Luxury car owners
  • Customers of a certain age range
  • Customers of a specific lifestyle group
  • Customers of a certain income level
  • Unique Amazon and 3P audiences can be reached

Example 4: Pharmaceutical brand tapping into customers seeking pain relief on Amazon


This streaming TV ad, which ran on Amazon’s Freevee, could be shown to a very targeted audience based on Amazon’s 1P data. 

Amazon’s DSP allows specific parameters to be searched used to target people seeking pain relief, as shown in this screenshot.  

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