The Amazon Maturity Matrix: introducing a new research report

On January 27, we are releasing new proprietary research called "The Amazon Maturity Matrix."


A study of 100 brands at Bobsled Marketing led us to identify this new framework, which identifies the key drivers of "Amazon-mature" companies. We have found in nearly 7 years of managing brands on Amazon, that when a client is mature in their Amazon approach, we can execute much faster and achieve superior results.

We'll be presenting our findings in a webinar on Jan 27 (and an early access session for current Bobsled clients on Jan 26). The full report will be shared with webinar attendees after the call.

So what are the hallmarks of Amazon maturity, and can you accelerate it within your company? This research uses a new framework to characterize the stages that a company can work through, as well as very practical actions that individuals can take to champion the cause within their company.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:


  • The 2x2 matrix that defines all stages of Amazon ‘maturity’ for retail brands
  • What your brand’s Amazon ‘Power Animal’ might be, and what changes are required to be more successful on Amazon
  • The 6 approaches and mindsets that Amazon-mature brands have
  • A new framework for identifying meaningful Amazon KPIs
  • 8 ways to educate your internal team about the Amazon imperative, and create change from within

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Join me and my colleague Gary Hammerschlag to preview the report on January 27th (Bobsled clients are invited to attend a client-only session on January 26). Sign up here.

“The 4 archetypes of the maturity matrix are truly real-life examples of the situation out there with brands,” says Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director, Growth Strategy & Planning at Colgate-Palmolive.

Todd Hassenfelt quote

Todd says that leaders don’t have to love the imbalanced power dynamic that Amazon commands among brands. But they do have to reckon with it. “Amazon does not have golf outings or want to be taken to sporting events to try to "sell in" concepts or distribution. Understanding what motivates Amazon and how they operate is critical. Sadly this is not fully grasped by most brands.”

I want to acknowledge that this research was definitely a team effort! Thank you to my colleagues Caroline Adams, Gary Hammerschlag, Tamra Fisher, and Angela Gjorjieska for their contribution to this research.

I’d also like to thank Todd Hassenfelt (Colgate-Palmolive) and Mike Black (Profitero) for providing feedback on the report.

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Kiri Masters