Amazon Frustration Free Packaging Overview


Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) is a small part of Amazon’s overall push towards better sustainability. The program involves implementing recyclable packaging for ASINs sold on Amazon – improving channel profitability for brands whilst maintaining the customer experience.

Only Vendors can enrol in the program at this point in time. To learn more, read our overview below!

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What is FFP?

FFP is an Amazon packaging certification. The intent of the program is to allow brands to offer product packaging solutions which are more environmentally sustainable, easier to open, and less prone to damage in transit.




Benefits of Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

Ultimately, the main benefit of FFP is guaranteed Buy Box Ownership and increased Conversion Percentage. This is because FFP products require a separate ASIN to be created against the original product listing. Other sellers are restricted against listing against the new FFP ASIN unless they go through the certification process themselves. 


Other benefits include: 

  • Reduction/Removal of Amazon Prep Chargebacks: When an ASIN is certified as FFP, Ships In Own Container (SIOC) or Prep Free Packaging (PFP), Amazon will ensure your ASIN will not face any additional preparations. This provides Vendors with the opportunity to avoid or remove prep chargebacks.
  • Opportunity to Reduce Packaging Costs: Standard retail packaging is designed to grab the customer’s attention with various marketing bells and whistles e.g. full-color glossy printing, oversized to gain more shelf presence etc. Such costly features are generally not necessary for the Amazon channel. By optimizing packaging for Amazon fulfillment and eliminating unnecessary packaging features, brands can reduce waste and costs related to packaging and simultaneously improve sustainability.
  • Opportunity to Reduce Inbound Transportation Costs: When packaging is optimized for Amazon fulfillment, the package “fits” the total supply chain. Smaller packages translate to a decrease in transportation costs (more units per pallet/truck/container). Additionally, the shipment to the actual customer costs less, which leads to savings for both the Vendor and Amazon.
  • Additional Site Marketing: All FFP certified ASINs will receive additional marketing by being included in the FFP storefront. They also receive updated detail page branding and boosted search relevancy.
  • Free Vine Enrollment: Amazon Vine is a program that enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help customers make educated purchase decisions. Amazon will waive the Vine enrollment fee for each new FFP ASIN. Each Vendor is allowed a maximum of 25 free Vine credits per calendar year. 


For more info about labeling, check out Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Amazon Product Labels 



  • Potentially lengthy packaging development process. Amazon lab tests a product sample to determine certification. Amazon provides an average timeframe of 10 days for the lab test certification. 
  • The expense to re-design and produce FFP packaging.
  • Here are some of the requirements needed for FFP Certification:
    • Damage Protection
      • ISTA 6 Compliance
      • No Amazon-Prep Requirement
    • Reduce Waste Design
      • No  Amazon Overbox
    • Recyclable Packaging – 100% curbside recyclable material
    • Easy-To-Open – should not take more than 120 seconds.
  • Products smaller than 9” x 6” x 0.375” are not eligible. 
  • Product-to-Package Ratio must be greater than 30% and 50% for fragile and non-fragile products.
  • Products considered HAZMAT are not eligible.




When would FFP enrollment be suitable?

  • When a brand has the ability and budget to create new custom packaging for its Amazon channel.
  • When a brand can commit internal resources to meet the specific requirements for FFP enrolment. 
  • Products over 9” x 6” x 0.375”
  • Products which are not HAZMAT


How to enroll

  1. Create new ASIN 
  2. Complete an ISTA6 packaging test report from an ISTA certified third-party testing lab. ISTA is a not-for-profit trade association that develops testing protocols and design standards that determine how packages should be created in order to achieve effective packaging by optimizing resource usage and minimizing product damage.
  3. Enroll ASIN and Test Report via case. More information on the entire process is available here.



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