Meta tests new ad offering in partnership with retail media networks

Alan Carroll, director of paid media at Acadia,  is quoted in Modern Retail on  April 14, 2023. 

“MPA (Managed Partner Ads) will “allow you to match to retail networks using retailers’ CRM data to get a little bit more volume and use their first-party data in a smarter way. And that’s really going to be super crucial in the next couple of years with cookies going away,” said Alan Carroll, director of paid media at Acadia.

From Carroll’s point of view, first-party data that “brands are collecting from customers or potential customers is really going to be the best lever that you have. So, that’s more what Meta seems to be doing with this move.”

Carroll added that local inventory ads have been around for a very long time on both Microsoft and Google’s platforms. “In a nutshell, really all it is, is just allowing you to pass more detailed information about product availability in such a way that if you know the user’s location, you can tell them exactly what products are available near them at the closest store.”

Carroll cautioned that local inventory ads may not be as effective on a social networking site compared to search engines like Google or Bing, because users might be more sensitive about sharing their location data. “People can be a little squirrely about knowing that their location data is being actively shared. The way they look at that on a search engine is going to be very different than how they look at it on a social media site.”

Carroll said that ultimately, if MPA is able to “add a level of scale and efficiency that is significant I could see that would be the tool that would help shift some money away [from rivals], because across all the different platforms, efficiency has really gotten squeezed in the last year.”

Read the full article: “Meta tests new ad offering in partnership with retail media networks” in Modern Retail, published April 14, 2023.

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