How To Navigate Corporate Structures for SEO Success, Part Two

In my last post, I discussed some of the challenges I faced in implementing SEO campaigns as an in house marketer at a big company. Keeping my head in the game and an eye on the big picture were critical to moving my SEO projects forward.
Here are some more lessons learned that can make the difference between a stalled search marketing initiative and making an impact on your company through SEO.

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Remember Optimization is a Process. Whenever I would get frustrated with the pace of an SEO campaign I would remind myself that “optimization” is a process. By definition, “optimization” is the action of making something as effective as possible. As an online marketer your job is to continually work to make the company’s search channel as effective as possible. But you can’t do it alone. The optimization process is made of many steps including taking care of all the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of SEO as well as the consumer facing on-page enhancements that have an impact on search rankings. Working through each step takes time and people. Respect and accept that optimization is a process and you will find a new perspective that will reduce some of that frustration you’ve been feeling.

Be Open and Flexible. So many times we have a picture in mind of what the perfect website looks like in terms of SEO and we think everyone in the company should have that same idea and be able to make that picture a reality overnight. However, I came to realize that this kind of thinking leaves no room for compromises that could lead to new ideas and truly innovative strategies. While I might be the smartest person in the room when it comes to SEO that does not mean I am the smartest developer, business strategist, or customer specialist in the room.

Do not make the mistake of putting your SEO initiatives in a box to where you can’t hear other ideas that could actually make them better.

Don’t Let Corporate Roadblocks Derail Your SEO Campaign

Make the Most of the Detour. Instead of seeing slowdowns as roadblocks, think of them as detours. Detours can be opportunities to take in new perspectives on strategy and execution. Maybe it’s an opportunity to provide more education for the team around the specific part of the search algorithm you are trying to influence with your campaign. Maybe the detour allows you to focus on another aspect of your corporate website and show improvements there first.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with a coworker and turn them into an SEO champion so that future projects will flow smoother. Maybe it’s an opportunity to partner with a third-party agency that can help validate your ideas and navigate the corporate maze. In sum, if you see a roadblock you will be frustrated but if you see opportunities in the detour you will ease the frustration and recognize what you can do right now.

Working in corporate SEO is a unique challenge that in the end can be a very rewarding experience. Just remember to keep your mind set right, stay aware of the big picture, embrace optimization as a process, and look for what you can do instead of being bogged down by what you can’t. Small wins in SEO lead to big results over time.

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