Running Ads on Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, and Amazon Is Wildly Different – Here’s How to Make It All Work

Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and All retail channels owned by the same company, which just so happens to be the 3rd largest advertising platform in the world. So advertising for these channels should all just connect together, right? 


Grocery and CPG brands who sell to Whole Foods and/or Amazon Fresh in addition to often face a number of confusing situations when trying to advertise their products. This may include not being able to run ads at all on Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh, even for long-standing ASINs that are performing really well on 

As we work with many CPG brands to manage their Amazon advertising, we have learned the ins and outs of these systems over time. 

Here is what we have learned about these systems - how they work best together and strategies to drive the best results.  

1. Strategies for running Amazon DSP on Amazon Fresh

Amazon’s DSP offers exciting brand-building opportunities, including the ability to target specific audiences both on and off Amazon. (We have covered Amazon DSP extensively on our blog - check out all our past content here).

So naturally, many brands want to use the DSP to retarget lapsed buyers, new-to-brand customers who are in-market, and many other potential use-cases that are possible within Amazon’s enormous customer data set.

Additionally, Amazon sometimes uses Fresh stores to run interesting media experiments, such as a beta program for “Fresh Digital Signage” which was recently introduced to ADSP.

An example of Digital Signage Ads in an Amazon Fresh Store. Source: Amazon
An example of Digital Signage Ads in an Amazon Fresh Store. Source: Amazon

The issue is that by default, promoting ASINs to Amazon Fresh audiences would redirect clicks to the main product detail page. And that can cause issues for brands looking to make an investment in Amazon Fresh specifically. 

For example, one of our clients had committed over $100K of ad spend on Amazon Fresh specifically to unlock some marketing packages. But without the right approach, these ad dollars would have driven all traffic over to the core ASINs, and the marketing package opportunity would be at risk. 

The solution that we identified in working closely with our Amazon Advertising partners, was to create a custom landing page on Amazon Fresh, so that all the DSP traffic gets directed to that destination, as opposed to the (core) page. There are various options when it comes to setting up these pages, whether its a simple string of products, or a more highly merchandised page with a branded banner, as in the example below. 

Example of a landing page on Amazon Fresh.
Example of a landing page on Amazon Fresh.

We have also found specific audiences within the DSP perform better when setting up an Amazon Fresh DSP campaign. The most obvious one is targeting the zipcodes where Amazon Fresh stores are located. The others - we will keep up our sleeves for work with our clients :) 

2. Unique ASINs may be necessary for an effective PPC strategy

A related issue we have found is that setting up and managing ad campaigns on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, are major issues sending traffic to those destinations when a brand has an existing ASIN on It seems like Amazon Advertising’s system wants to advertise the destination by default every time. 

One workaround here is for a brand to set up a unique set of ASINs that are only listed as inventory for Fresh and Whole Foods. This setup will allow a brand to run Sponsored Product campaigns only to those destinations. 

In conclusion

As much as it would be great to “check a box” to advertise a certain product on Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh, that’s not the reality of the current system. Working with an agency with both deep experience and a verified  Amazon Ads partner like Acadia can help you navigate these quirks much faster than simple trial and error. 

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Danilo de Castro Alvares